Quality factory floor coating can have an impact on how businesses in Sydney run, including the safety and comfort of its employees. And we should never forget that the floors in our working areas for everyday tasks should be of top-grade to pave way for efficient operations.

Increasing productivity is the holy grail in today’s businesses – and the good news is, it can be achieved by creating a safety and comfortable work space. And one of the most efficient ways to enhance your workspace atmosphere is to have your floor covered with stunning epoxy coatings!

Benefits of Factory Floor Coating

Benefits of Factory Floor Coating

So what is factory floor coating?

Factory floor coating is one of the essential commercial setups in industries with heavy traffic such as sports arenas, workplaces, manufacturing units, hospitals, shires, schools, gyms, restaurants, hospitality industries, and children centres. Also described as Epoxy Flooring, it is a process of preparing a sturdy and robust plastic finish material which is mixed with resins and a chemical hardener. These materials create a floor coating that is extremely resistant to damages and natural wear and tear from any heavy equipment.

What makes Factory Floor Coating so essential?

Floors are something people should often pay attention to. And though floors are the most ignored things to look at when entering a building, it often goes unnoticed until it does for all the wrong reasons. If floors are not taken care of, they can be dangerous to walk on and drive or push things through—heavy equipment and the like.

As Sydney’s epoxy flooring experts, we can guarantee that factory floor coating offers many long term benefits to commercial and industrial sectors. Some of the major benefits includes but not limited to:

1. Offers durability

Floors that have been coated have a much longer lifespan than any other options. Due to its remarkably resilient coating, it prevents chemical breakdown and is resistant to chemical exposure. Adding to this advantage, it is also resistant to chipping, denting, and abrading—an ideal investment for large commercial and industrial companies. With this solution, it could save you money in floor repair or maintenance for a long period.

2. Good investment

As a property owner, you can take advantage of epoxy resin as this material has a long-lasting nature, making floors much more of an investment than an impulsive purchase. Many people mean a lot of weight moving, heavy loads, or even sharp instruments that can cause dents and scrawled lines on concrete surfaces, but never on epoxy resin. Factory floor coating is too strong and resilient to suffer from these inadvertent acts that could lead to a lot of restoring or repairing.

3. Provides an aesthetic appeal

A stunning concrete floor can be pleasing to one’s sight. Granted, a well-maintained working area maximises employees work performance. With epoxy floors installed on your concrete floors, a visible advantage of factory floor coating manifest is that it looks beautiful. It can cover the boring and ugly concrete floor, making it more appealing and clean. As a business owner, having a stunning concrete floor leaves a good impression on clients—more clients, more sales. Another strong point is that if you choose a high-gloss finish, your factory, warehouse, or industrial space will look well-maintained.

4. Low maintenance allowing you to save some cash

Coated floors don’t just look great, they are also extremely easy to maintain. Because of its non-porous, smooth, and stain-repellent surface, coated floors can easily be cleaned from unwanted dirt, dust, and debris. When cleaning coated floors, moping the surface with an antimicrobial solution is all you have to do to achieve a sparkling and contaminant-free floor.

Regardless of the day to day heavy foot traffic, there is nothing to worry about if your concrete floors are coated with epoxy! And the best thing about it is that you won’t have to worry about paying cleaners to maintain your floor! It will free up not only your time but as well as your energy and money!

5. Improves safety

Factory floor coating is made specifically with safety in mind. When floors are coated, they become resistant to acid, bacterial growth, and oil penetration – keeping your surroundings clean and safe! Industrial companies specialising in food services, packaging, and preparation will benefit from factory floor coating.

But not only that coated floors are resistant to slippage, fire, and impact, making it safe for employees, visitors and you – the business owner.

In residential properties, houses with safe flooring improves safety on children and pets as it reduces the need for carpets which could collect a lot of dust, dirt, or fur build up. Epoxy resin is indeed the surest way to keep your family and loved ones safe and comfortable – no matter what the weather!

Now that you understand the importance and benefits of applying epoxy flooring to your concrete floors, don’t miss out on the positive impact it can bring for your commercial or industrial business – and to your family!

At Evolution Epoxy, we can guarantee that factory floor coating is beneficial to your business.

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