Flooring is one of the most significant yet disregarded components of domestic, commercial, and industrial spaces. Not only can it make an area look top-notch, but it also plays an important part in the safety and productivity of the people living or working on it.

Epoxy is one of the most popular flooring solutions in Australia. Many residents are switching to these floor coatings and leaving behind traditional flooring systems like hardwoods or tiling.

There are different treatments and application methods that can impact epoxy flooring cost. You’ll see the cost go for as low as $30 to as high as $100 per square metre, which is quite a very wide range.

If you’re thinking about adding this type of floor to your home, you’ll want an idea of what this could cost you. We’re breaking down epoxy flooring costs in Sydney to help you understand how it compares to other materials and make the right choice for your space.

What is epoxy resin anyway?

When you talk about this material, what you’re really asking for is a two-part flooring system. It starts with a concrete base that is smooth and level foundation. Many homeowners like concrete flooring because it’s durable, affordable, and nearly timeless.

But who wants to look at plain concrete? That’s where this resin comes in!

This is a finishing material coating that usually combines a resin and a hardening chemical together in a liquid. The resin is then applied in a number of layers to create a thickness of usually two millimeters. Each application is given time to harden or set between layers to create a strong protective coating.

Top benefits of epoxy in your Sydney home

This material is rising in popularity in Australia for a number of reasons. Here are a few that standout for most homeowners.

#1: Appearance

This type of floor produces an elegant look that can transform areas into sleek spaces. This resin can cover defects and imperfections on a floor.

You can also create unique designs and effects with additives that make the look your own. Flake is mixed with decorative chips of mica or quartz to produce a speckled look. You can also choose from metallic or marbled variations.

#2: Durability

It can withstand chemicals, heat, heavy shock, and water. This is often suitable for garages since cars emit corrosive chemicals. But it can be great throughout a home, too.

You might not think you need this level of performance in your home but consider this. If you drop something heavy on a kitchen tile, the tile can shatter. Likewise, if you drop a heavy item on hardwood, it can dent or split.

Now you’re facing costly repairs and a struggle to match existing materials. This is simply not a problem with an epoxy floor.

#3: Maintenance

No one likes cleaning. But most traditional home flooring options require extensive or high maintenance cleaning.

You can’t spill on carpet or you’re looking at fighting stains or hiring a steam cleaner. And hardwood and grouted tile require extra, often harsh chemicals to keep clean.

These floors wipe clean, can be quickly dusted or mopped, and don’t hold onto stains or odors.

#4: Durability

When installed by a professional,  the floor can last up to 30 years. Yes, THIRTY!

This resin does not need to be reapplied for a long period of time after the first installation. This coating lasts longer than carpet, wood, and tile flooring because of its resistance to water, stains, and shock.

Different types of epoxy flooring

It also gives you a lot of flexibility since it comes in different types for different uses or applications. This resin can be customized with flakes, metallics, and other additives. But to start from, there are three common types used in residential spaces.


Water-based option offers you a very smooth finish that’s ideal for use in low-traffic areas. It works by slowly hardening while the additives evaporate from the water base. This is good for spaces where fumes are a concern, but the result is one of the least durable floor types.


If you prefer a glossier finish, solvent-based material can be a great option. This can be installed in places with low temperatures or high humidity.

The solvents that are added to the mix make it strong and durable. However, the downside of this formula is that it produces a lot of fumes as you wait for it to dry up.


Created by mixing resin with a hardening agent, this option is considered the strongest since it creates a very thick coating. This option is odor-free, stain-resistant, and does not release any chemical fumes during application. With no water or solvent added, it also dries the quickest, making it more expensive to install.

How much does epoxy flooring cost in Sydney?

This resin sounds like a pretty great option, right? But how much are you going to have to spend to add this to your home?

Like most home improvement projects, epoxy flooring cost will vary depending on a few key factors such as type of this resin, how large of a space you are installing in, and the actual installation costs charged by the professional.

On average, epoxy flooring costs from $30-35 per square metre including application and materials. If you are adding a decorative finish, like flakes or metallics, then expect to spend much more at $80-100 per square metre.

Here’s a table with the average costs to help break this down a bit more for you.

Material Average Cost
Water-Based $7-13 per litre
Solvent-Based $12-37 per litre
Solid-Based $12-37 per litre
Acrylic Flake $13-35 per kilogram
Metallic Flake $45-55 per kilogram
Color Tint $75 per litre

Choosing the best flooring installer in Sydney

There are different factors that can influence epoxy flooring cost in Sydney including how big of an area you want to be finished and the material you prefer.

On average, epoxy flooring costs $30 to $35 per square metre for a basic job that does not require more than two coats of this resin. When calling for estimates, make sure that the installer understands the space that needs flooring and any special requirements from durability, high-traffic, or decorative finishes.

We provide Sydney and the surrounding areas with expertly installed flooring for residential and commercial applications. We provide consultations to make sure you get the right material at an accurate price for your home. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring in Sydney, call us on 0412 074 372 for a free estimate.