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High-Quality Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Whether it’s your Showroom, Office Space, Warehouse or just about any commercial space, setting up epoxy floors is one of the best investments you can do for your business.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Economical and Functional Floors in Sydney

You don’t want something pretty, you want something functional and economical – we get it, but can’t it be both?

With over five years of experience in the industry, we provide customized Commercial Epoxy Flooring that suits each of our clients’ needs. This is the reason we’ve become the number one name in flooring industry in Sydney.

In most commercial scenarios, you’d have heavy machinery or vehicles operating in your establishment and ceramic or stone tiling is just not an option. Coating your cement floors with this material not only ensures that you have a good-looking floor but it is also slip resistant – making your workplace safer and less prone to accidents.

Not only do we provide beautiful, gloss-finished Epoxy Flooring, we also make sure that they are scratch-resistant and slip resistant.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We inspect your floors and then provide you with a quote. One of the important steps we do to ensure we can deliver the best result is, we examine existing conditions of your floors, looking at the substrate thickness, the coatings, as well as the concrete. The coatings cost vary on different factors, like the size and complexity of the project and the number of coatings your floor requires.

PRICE BREAKDOWN: Explore our ultimate Epoxy Flooring Price Guide here.

Within 24 hours you’d be able to walk on newly treated floors, For full chemical resistance and operating machinery on the floors we recommend leaving your floor for a minimum of 72 hours.

The use of alkaline-based cleaning agents is recommended for the best results. Where it is impractical to clean your floor this way we recommend the use of a firm but soft-bristled broom or brush to be used when scrubbing the floor with a mixture of water and detergent/degreaser.

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From start to finish the process was so easy. Kynan took the time to answer all of my questions and i am extremely happy with the finished product. Would defiantly recommend using this company.
Thanks so much Kynan for helping us transform our garage! Can highly recommend Evolution Epoxy Flooring to anybody looking to revive a tired-looking floor surface. Great communication, great work ethic, can’t recommend enough. Thanks again