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Wishing you could get more mileage out of your existing concrete flooring?

You can – and for much less cost and hassle than you might think. Epoxy coating is a versatile option that can be applied to concrete flooring in any space. Whether you want to spruce up your garage or add wow factor to a showroom in downtown Sydney, epoxy can help your floors (literally) shine.

The great news is that this solution are more than just good looking. They add protection from more than just steps and spills, helping your floors to last longer than if left exposed. And it comes with a variety of options and specifications, so you’ll be sure to have floors that look like new.

Unless your floor is installed wrong.

Skip the prep work, and your floor will lack the luster and longevity you’d expect. Not enough time to cure between applications, and the layers won’t adhere properly. Go with an unknown installer, and they might be more focused on getting in and out than making sure you have floors you can be proud of. Fail to properly grind your concrete prior to application, and you’ll be in trouble.

We bring high quality workmanship and tradespeople to every single job. The result is a personalised flooring design that looks and works great. All of our quotes are fast and free. Just call us on 0412 074 372 to learn more.

Is all epoxy the same?

Not at all, and that’s what makes them so valuable. Installers can use different types, with different compositions, and different additives to create a coating for your needs.

Benefits of epoxy coatings

  • Protects existing concrete floors from damage
  • Seals in decorative elements in the flooring
  • Resists oils, chemicals, impact, and temperatures
  • Works with anti-static and anti-slip additives
  • Wipes clean without harsh chemicals
  • Requires little maintenance or care
  • Offers a variety of designer looks

How long does it take to coat a floor?

For a floor coating, you won’t have to wait long to see results from your installation. But before one drop of the material hits concrete, your floors need to be properly prepared. The surface should be free of dust and debris to make sure the material adheres to the concrete below. Any existing damage – dents, cracks, and stains – should be repaired through concrete grinding or other necessary floor prep before the coating goes down, too. Otherwise, those imperfections will show through.

Once the floor is ready, the material can be applied usually in less than a day. If you request or need more than one coat, the first one should be left to cure properly between applications. This usually takes a minimum of 12 hours. Once all layers are installed, the floor should be left for up to 7 days to cure completely. This will help it be durable for years to come.

How much does epoxy coating cost in Sydney?

Pricing is determined based on how large of an area you need coated (in square metres), but the type of material you request can add to the total. For example, a standard application costs an average of $30 to $35 per m2. Add decorative touches like flake or metallic, and the average price falls between $60 to $120 per m2.

You can work with a professional installer to get a quote specific to your floors. This will also take into account any extra prep work required that could add to any labor costs.

Looking for more facts and figures? Check out our Sydney Epoxy Flooring Price Guide here.

Why Choose Us

With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to decide where to start. We’re experts in residential, commercial, and garage epoxy coatings of all types. Just tell us what you are looking to achieve with your flooring, and we can make a custom recommendation. This includes any repair or prep work, number of layers, additives, and decorative touches.

Our customers across Sydney benefit from high-grade workmanship from our trained and insured professional installers. All of our quotes are 100% free including measurements in your home or business.

Call us on 0412 074 372 for a custom epoxy coating quote and plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Coating in Sydney

Are coatings and flooring the same thing?

They’re variations of the same thing when it comes to epoxy. The core difference is in how thick the material is applied. For it to be considered a coating, the total layer on the concrete is less than 2mm. Anything thicker than 2mm qualifies as flooring.

Are these solutions customisable?

Absolutely. Coating types are not exclusive from one another. Rather than trying to guess which combination you need, talk to a professional installer about your usage requirements. They’ll be able to take your ideas and recommend a custom mix including functional and decorative elements.

What makes pigmented epoxy a better option than painted concrete?

In a word: durability. Painted concrete does not last over the years. The paint can chip or discolour, leaving you cleaning your floor non-stop or repainting it to keep it looking fresh. Epoxy keeps its colour while also protecting the floors below. Remember that even painted floors that look great don’t protect the concrete from stains or impact. This material bonds to the concrete itself while also offering non-slip shine and custom colour pigments (including metallics).



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