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For most, a garage is a valuable space for storing and creating, but the foundation of it all – the floor itself, is often overlooked. By spending a bit of time and money to upgrade your garage floor, you can get more out of this real estate than you might imagine.

How do you upgrade, improve, and protect your garage floor?

The best option is epoxy flooring. This versatile material can make your original concrete slab last much longer while protecting it from whatever you throw at it. This material can also take a plain, boring space to the next level with a number of design and finishing options that won’t break the bank.

Sure, you can leave your floor as is. But the concrete will get even more dreary over time. Oils and dirt will absorb into it. Odours could linger. And eventually, it’ll need to be ripped out and redone.

Instead, secure your floor with epoxy garage flooring. We can prepare your existing floor prior to the coating and design surfaces made to last for years, even decades, to come. We also customize every project so you’ll be sure to get the floor you need at the price you can afford.

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Why is this type of floor ideal for your garage?

This material started out as the flooring of choice in industrial and commercial spaces, and with good reason. It’s incredibly durable and long lasting, and kitchens, stores, and factories found it could handle high traffic and a range of materials.

Residential and commercial garages alike can experience similar conditions on a smaller scale. With debris, heavy vehicles, and project or repair work, garage floors don’t take long to soil and get stale.

This type of floor protects the concrete slab from all this and more. The benefits are staggering when compared to other flooring types or plain concrete alone:

âś” Chemical and solvent resistant

âś” Heat and cold resistant

âś” Impact resistant

âś” Durable and long lasting

âś” Stain resistant

âś” Easy to clean and maintain

âś” Unique decorative touches

Ways to customise your garage floor in Sydney

Some home and business owners prefer a traditional clear coating that adds shine (don’t worry, it isn’t as slippery as it looks). Others opt for design additives like colour or metallic pigments and vinyl flakes that can add depth and interest (or disguise a temporary mess).

While most floors take 2 coatings with a top coat, you can add layers to create even more depth or combine finishes. While less common in garages, this type of flooring can also have elements added to create anti-static, anti-bacterial, and anti-skid surfaces.

What to expect during an epoxy garage flooring install

Here’s the good news – there’s little to nothing for Sydney home or business owners to do when a professional installer is on the scene. Once you clear out your garage space so the floor is accessible, our skilled team will get to work cleaning the surface and prepping it for the actual material. During this stage, we may also work on leveling, smoothing, or filling the existing slab to remove imperfections that could affect the look or function of the floor.

With everything ready, our team will start the coating. While this process doesn’t take too long, everything must be done one coating at a time and with time for each layer to cure, you’re looking at roughly 12-18 hours. Installers will monitor each layer and add the next coating as needed. This is also when any decorative finishes will be added to the epoxy garage flooring.

Once done, the floor will be sealed with a top coat and should be left to completely cure for at least 7 days. It’s important not to walk or drive on the flooring until it’s 100% done. That way, you’ll have a floor that lasts for a very, very long time.

How to choose the right epoxy garage flooring installer in Sydney

For this flooring to not only look great but last a long time, you should look for a professional installer with many years of experience. If you are looking for decorative touches, be sure to ask whether they have worked with flake, metallics, or pigments and ask to see their portfolio.

Most materials will come with a limited manufacturers’ warranty to ward against defects. Choose an installer that backs their installation and workmanship with a warranty as well. You’ll also want to confirm that they are licensed and insured to perform the work at your property.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references or check their online reviews, either. We’re proud to let our clients and results speak for us, so reach out if you’d like to learn more.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking to install a garage floor in Sydney, we are is the place to turn to. We have years of experience installing flooring of all types across Sydney and the surrounds. From coatings to concrete grinding to decorative coatings, we can do it all for you with service and team members you can trust.

Our entire team is licensed and insured to install flooring, and we treat each project as unique. Get a free quote for your exact needs by calling us on 0412 074 372 or requesting a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Garage Flooring in Sydney

How strong is this type of floor?

They’re so extremely strong that they’re used in airport hangers, high-traffic warehouses and factories, and production lines. In terms of direct impact, they can withstand up to 10,000 psi, so it’ll handle your vehicles, equipment, kid’s bikes, and power tools just fine.

What kind of maintenance and repair do these floors require?

Nearly no maintenance is required for this type of flooring, making it a favourite for homeowners and businesses. It will protect against pretty much anything that spills on it. But you should be sure to wipe up, mop, or clear away liquids and debris regularly. This will ensure the floor’s integrity and also keep you safe. Just use water and/or mild soap: no heavy chemical cleaners needed (in fact, they could void your warranty).

In high traffic areas, you may see some slight wear in the top coating on the floor over time. Fear not – a professional installer can come back, likely many years later, to assess the floor and add another layer to make the floor last even longer.

How slippery is this material?

It’s really much more grippy than it looks. While the coating has a slick, shiny appeal, the flooring itself can have a textured surface. If you’re really concerned about taking a fall, speak to our installers about slip-resistant additives for a custom blend that offers extra grip without compromising design.



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