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Making sure your home is tidy can be taxing work.

Spills and stains will happen and if you’re using other options, it can get messy in the long run.
Residential epoxy flooring is one of the best bets in making sure your Sydney home stays clean and presentable with reliable, durable flooring for the life of the home. In fact, these floors have a lot of advantages that you may not have known of!

One thing is for certain: epoxy floors are for more than just commercial spaces. They’re rising in popularity in homes across Sydney because of their form, function, and fantastic design options. We are experts in all things flooring no matter how far flung your designs might seem. We work with every customer to create custom designs that meet your preferences as well as your budget.

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Residential Epoxy Sydney

Spill-proof, scratch-proof residential epoxy flooring

If you’re looking for low maintenance, high performance flooring, look no further than epoxy. When you coat your floor with this material, you’ll enjoy advantages superior to conventional paints as it provides your floors with a brilliant gloss that is very hard to duplicate. And with this material, you can have finishes and additives incorporated to give the look of other materials like marble or quartz.

This material is also amazing when it comes to keeping things clean. It provides protection from mould, mildew, and water with zero seams like those you have to worry about when it comes to tile or timber. Dust and spills are easily wiped away with a simple damp cloth. No harsh chemicals or other substances are needed. In fact, they’re recommended against since they can damage the floor.

Residential Epoxy Sydney

These floors protect against more than just liquids. Car enthusiasts like protecting their garage floors from oil and other chemical spills with the coatings that also have some designer flair. And these floors also protect the concrete subfloor below them from damage due to impact with shock-proof, durable thicknesses.

Apart from being easy to clean and maintain, these floors are also slip-resistant. They say that a huge percentage of accidents happen at home, using these floors removes your chances of having slipping-related mishaps at home.

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Is floor installation a complicated process?

Not for the professionals. While you might see some DIY kits in the stores or be tempted to tackle this yourself, it’s definitely not a good idea. The installation requires proper technique and precision to be done right the first time and last for years to come.

That said, your professional installer will have all of the right tools and methods to be able to put your flooring together for you the right way. The subfloor, usually concrete, will be cleaned and prepared to ensure that the material will adhere properly.

Epoxy will then be mixed to your specifications including colours and/or any additives like metallics or flake that you include to make your floors unique. The floors are applied in succession, typically between 10-24 hours apart. This allows each layer enough time to start to cure while also adhering to extra material as it is layered on. In some cases, a final top coat will be applied to seal in everything and make for even easier maintenance. Once the floors are done, it’s recommended you stay off of them for several days to allow them to cure completely.

Residential Epoxy Flooring: A worthy investment

Residential epoxy flooring increases your property’s value if you’re expecting to put your home on the market in the future.

The coatings cost vary on different factors, like the size and complexity of the project, and the number of coatings your floor requires also location.

We inspect your floors and then provide you with a quote. One of the most important steps we do to ensure we can deliver the best result is, we examine existing conditions of your floors, looking at the substrate thickness, the coatings, as well as the concrete. If required, we offer affordable and professional concrete grinding services to prepare your floor and ensure the new surface is smooth, well-bonded, and stunning for years to come.

It increases a home’s value as well as its aesthetic appeal. Provided the job is done right, you will have a great looking, durable floor that will last many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Epoxy Flooring in Sydney

What makes epoxy flooring better than plain concrete for garages?

Plain concrete is a great starting point for any garage surface, but over time, you will find that this material becomes dirty and discoloured from wear, tear, and general use. Epoxy can help protect the concrete surface, making it much easier to rinse or brush clean of any debris that would otherwise make their mark.

Epoxy flooring also adds strength to the concrete itself by the way that the materials bond together during application, giving your floors an even higher durability than plain concrete alone. Plus, they can add style to any space with different colours and textures available.

How long will my floor last?

Epoxy flooring is that which is at least 2mm thickness or more of the material. While that doesn’t sound like much, it can take quite a long while for that layer to wear down. How long your floors last will depend, in part, on how much foot or vehicle traffic they’re subjected to. Generally, indoor residential epoxy flooring systems can last between 20-30 years. For your garage, you might be looking at 10-15 years before you need to apply another coat.

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From start to finish the process was so easy. Kynan took the time to answer all of my questions and i am extremely happy with the finished product. Would defiantly recommend using this company.
Thanks so much Kynan for helping us transform our garage! Can highly recommend Evolution Epoxy Flooring to anybody looking to revive a tired-looking floor surface. Great communication, great work ethic, can’t recommend enough. Thanks again