Garage floors are usually subjected to a lot of movement, wear and tear, and exposure to various substances. This makes it important to opt for garage floor material that is durable while still looking nice.

Whatever you keep in this high-traffic storage space, you’ll benefit from a floor that is also easy to keep clean and long lasting. After all, who wants to keep putting time and money into keeping up with their garage?

In the last few years, epoxy have become extremely popular among Sydney homeowners. They provide a durable (and better looking) alternative to a regular concrete slab. These slabs can still let in moisture or absorb the odors and liquids that make their way onto the floor. No one wants that, either.

Homeowners considering this garage floor upgrade wonder first and foremost how much does it cost to epoxy a garage floor. We’ll share the expected costs and the factors can influence how much you end up paying for installation and maintenance.

Is it even worth it to epoxy a garage floor?

As with any home upgrade, start by thinking about the purpose. While epoxy flooring can be decorative, it is mainly known for its durability and long lifespan. When you consider how much pressure, use, and exposure garage floors face, this material makes complete sense.

Most garage floors are made up of a plain concrete slab. You can find homes with other surface types, such as plastic or composite tiles. But neither surface will be able to withstand the materials and moisture that the garage floor is subjected to on a regular basis. Tiles and unsealed concrete can crack, fade, and start to look shabby from oil, mud, and weather stains.

On the other hand, these floors are much easier to keep clean. Since they are sealed with multiple layers of resin, they are much more durable than other surface types. These floors will repel most materials that are spilled or tracked in on them, and they don’t fade in colour, no matter how hot the weather or how much the floor is exposed to sunlight.

Factors that impact epoxy garage flooring costs

While they can be affordable, no two floors are priced the same. Every space is unique, but there are similar driving factors behind epoxy garage flooring costs for most installers.

Surface area

Put simply, the bigger the space, the higher the price. After all, a two-car garage is nearly double the surface area of a one-car garage, so the time and materials to properly seal it will be much greater.


From durability to decoration, the type of material, the number of coats, and the level of detail all factor into the materials – and the price.

However, it does depend on the type of finish you’re looking for. More straightforward applications like transparent sealer will still give your floor a fresh shine in a lower price bracket. You can also go with a single colour option.

For something a bit fancier, you can have metallics, marbling, and flakes that can add texture and distract eyes from whatever dirt might be tracked in. But they do require more material and more time to install. The cost of flakes varies, depending on how much you need and what material you choose. Expect to spend an extra $45-135 for your garage.


There are three different types of epoxy: water-based, solvent-based, and solid-based. Each offers different benefits when it comes to durability and application.

Water-based and solvent-based options tend to be less expensive to install since they are easier to work with. However, they can require many coats to complete the work, and solvent-based variation is known for releasing toxic fumes in the process.


Some installers will recommend applying a primer coat. This requires a bit more time, usually an extra two hours, to apply and can increase the price a little for the material and labour cost. Expect to spend an extra $4-8 per square metre.


Single-coat option can be an affordable way to give protection and personality to an old garage floor. But since there is only one layer of resin, it will not last that long. A single coat will cost around $32-50 per square metre.

Multi-coat option is applied after acid etching, and each layer of resin is allowed to completely cure between applications, roughly 24-48 hours. Costs will vary depending on the number of layers needed. Two coat option costs around $5.50 to $7.00 per square foot.


A clear topcoat is often added to offer extra stain protection to the flooring. It can also help prolong the look and durability of the surface. Most installers apply two top coat layers to make the floor perfectly smooth. This can cost $60-75 per square metre.

In contrast, you can also add an anti-skid grit layer to prevent falls and slips. This is usually made of polymeric grit, sand, or aluminum oxide added to the top coat material. Polymeric grit is best to preserve the flooring colour but is also the most expensive option.

Can I add this material on top of my existing garage floor?

Absolutely. However, the condition of the existing floor will affect the cost. A professional installer will want to give you a long-lasting and level garage surface. If your garage is in a clean and perfect condition, you can look to spend a lot less here. Otherwise, you might spend a bit more to prepare the surface.


If your existing concrete floor has stains, dirt, or other build up, you’ll need that removed before the new floor is applied. Installers can thoroughly and professionally degrease and clean the surface. This can cost around $4-7 per square metre.


This material needs a level and unbroken surface for proper application. If your floor has cracks wider than ⅛”, they will need to be filled. Otherwise, they will show through the flooring. To fill in a crack, polyurethane or acrylic caulk is applied and smoothed in with a putty knife to fill every nook and cranny.

Concrete settling and experiencing erosion underneath is not uncommon. This can result in a cracked, sunken area that will need to be raised before you can apply the new floor. Concrete slab jacking can cost anywhere from $550 to $1800, depending on the size of the section that needs to be raised.


This material is a liquid application, so your floor will need to be level in order for it to be applied properly. This can refer to fixing a slope or addressing slightly sunken areas where water or materials can pool. If left alone, flooring will be imperfectly finished. Installers will prime the floor and use self-leveling concrete to fix any low spots.

The cost will be around $55-84 per square metre of the area that is affected. Sometimes, the installers charge a minimum fee, in case there are just a few spots to work on. This fee can range anywhere from $100-150 for the time spent mixing and pouring the self-leveling material and waiting for it to cure.

The cost of epoxying a garage floor in Sydney

With all of these factors to consider, how on earth can you know for sure what it will cost to epoxy your garage? Homeowners get understandably frustrated when looking for a flat fee they can use to create a budget and make a decision.

Every professional installer will quote a bit differently depending on how much experience they have as well as the effort and scope of the job. It also depends on how much of the same material will be used. It’s important to ask for a free estimate to make sure that the numbers add up for your specific space.

In general, an epoxy floor garage costs $50-80 per square meter, including two resin coats and a top coat. On average, keep a budget of about $4,000 for a two car garage to cover all costs including installation. You can refer to the table below for estimates when it comes to one-car and two-car garages.

Application One-Car Garage
(approx. 25 square meters)
Two-Car Garage
(approx. 40 square meters)
Water-Based $700-1,700 $1300-3,000
Solvent-Based $700-1,700 $1300-3,000
Solid-Based $1,400-3,400 $2,600-6,000
Acrylic or Metallic Flake $45-135 $70-300

Installing your new garage floor at the right price

The cost to epoxy a garage floor in Sydney depends on a variety of factors, including the contractor you use, the condition of your garage floor, and the size of the floor itself. The benefits of getting this coating massively outweigh the costs that you’ll end up paying upfront.

When properly installed, these floors can provide a durable and long-lasting flooring option for a space that we all know can take a lot of traffic and mistreatment. A budget of $4,000 is a good target for a two-car epoxy garage flooring cost, but you should always get an estimate in writing before choosing an installer.

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