The floor is one of the most significant yet disregarded components of domestic, commercial, or industrial areas. The floor does not only add aesthetic value to your space, this also plays an important part in the safety and productivity of your daily routine. With this, a flooring solution must be applied to withstand the rigours of your day-to-day tasks. The epoxy is one of the most popular flooring solutions. It provides a number of advantages. Australians are switching to these floor coatings and leaving behind their traditional flooring systems. If you are a homeowner or a business owner who would like to give this type of flooring a try, this article will show you what epoxy flooring is and its corresponding cost in Sydney, Australia. Epoxy flooring costs as low as $30 to as high as $100 per square metre.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardener. This is also known as polymer flooring or resinous flooring. This resin is applied over tile, VCT, wood, concrete, or other domestic, industrial, and commercial floors. A hard plastic results from the chemical reaction that creates a bond to the substrate. It has a fast curing rate which allows businesses to get back into business early.

How much does epoxy flooring cost in Sydney?

There are different factors that influence the cost of epoxy flooring in Sydney. These include the size of the area, the effect needed to be achieved, and the needed surface preparation. Most companies that provide flooring services can offer a rate based on a square metre. However, the price gets higher if there is a need for surface preparation. On average, epoxy flooring costs $30 to $35 per square metre for a basic job that does not require more than two coats. On the other hand, the cost ranges from $60 to $100 per square metre for decorative jobs.

What are the benefits of this resin?

Appearance – This resin produces an elegant look as it can transform areas into sleek spaces. This material can cover defects and imperfections on a floor. It mixtures can be mixed with decorative chips of mica or quartz to produce a speckled look.

Cost-effective – You do not need to purchase new tiles or vinyl or remove your current flooring. You can decide to have an epoxy finish to revamp your flooring. You can retain your current floor and still have a good look without additional installation costs. You should hire professionals as they are experienced in doing away with poor application practices.

Resistant – This resin can withstand chemicals, heat, heavy shock, and water. This is suitable for garages since cars emit corrosive chemicals.

Long lasting – It does not need to be reapplied for a long period of time after the first installation. This coating lasts longer than carpet, wood, and tile flooring because of its resistance to water, stains, and shock.

What are the disadvantages?

Slippery – This resin is slippery when wet because of its smooth surface. You should add an anti-slip coating to prevent falls.

Dangerous vapours – These floors might gas off with dangerous vapours when drying.

Underflooring required – This material requires the installation of a floor underneath. This becomes more expensive if there are none. Underflooring materials include concrete, cement, wood, and steel.

Special cleaners – These floors require specific cleaners to avoid erosion over time. Avoid soap-based cleaners as they can result in discoloured floors.

What makes these floors crack?

These floors crack if there is poor preparation of the concrete surface. A clean and porous surface is required to obtain a bond to the concrete.

In summary, floors do require special attention as these are the areas where there is high human traffic regardless whether the area is of residential or commercial nature. You can protect your floors and extend their longevity by applying this type of floor. If you have considered the benefits of these floors, you can ask a team of professionals to install your glossy surface.

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